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In our previous blog post, we saw that research shows us that people want to feel that they matter in the world and that other people need them. After retiring from a full-time job or just a busy lifestyle with loads of responsibilities, it is easy for retirees to feel less needed and less meaning or purpose in their lives. As we said in the previous blog, we want to help to restore ‘The Golden Years’ of our grannies and rather than forgetting about the older generation, we want to learn from their deep well of wisdom and talents. 

Our hearts lie with our grans and in helping them, but we also have a great love for the very young generation. That is why we thought that for our next project (that will be happening on the 5th of July) we want to combine the two.  We have teamed up with an orphanage in Pretoria for a day of fun and upliftment of both the old and the young generation. We have planned a tea party (or rather a hot chocolate party) for the young girls of this orphanage and our grans, where our grannies will have a chance to teach these girls how to knit and crochet. In doing this, we bring the young and the old together to learn from each other and to inspire one another.

The aim of this project is to add a greater sense of purpose and meaning to our grannies lives and give them the chance to share their talents and let them feel that their skills are still needed. Together with that, we want to treat the young girls to a day where they feel special and seen. We want to build relationships with these girls and not just have a once-off event.

Learning a new skill and making something for yourself can promote self-worth and make you feel proud of what you have made, that is the idea with this project, to let the women of all ages and diverse backgrounds come together and feel that they are worthy and needed in their communities.

We will start by knitting something very simple, just so that the kids can get used to the concept. Each girl will receive a bag (with their name on it) with all the materials that they will need inside. We really want to spoil these girls with yummy treats and a small gift, each of them will also need knitting pens and wool. In order for us to make it really special for them, we will need some sort of donations, so if you have an extra R10 to give, we will appreciate it greatly!

There will be a donation link on the homepage of our website where you can choose the amount of your donation if you feel you want to. This will work the same way as buying an item, it will just add to your cart.

We will be sharing some photos and feedback in our next blog, so keep an eye out!

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