The Golden Years

Most of you already know what our “WHY” behind everything we do is, but I read this incredible article on retirement a while ago and thought that it fits in so nicely with what we stand for and what we believe in. These guys just put it all in better words and prove it with years of research. The article I refer to in this blog was written by Joseph P. Zandlo in 2015 (Living with Purpose in Retirement: An Interpretive Multi-Case Study - the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota), I am not great with referencing in the correct way, so I’ll just put a link to the article at the bottom.
As you know, we want to uplift the older generation, help them with an income while they are no longer “able” to work, and help them reach a sense of purpose in their retirement years, well this is exactly what the researcher in this article talks about. They prove through their research that finding a purpose after retirement has a big impact on different areas in a retirees’ life.  Before I read this, I didn’t realise that so much research was done on retirement, which made this a great discovery for me! It made me realise that this is a real problem that many retired people struggle with. This next phrase really caught my attention: “While retirement is advertised as “The Golden Years,” many retirees find this period to be boring, meaningless and unfulfilling.” This is a really sad statement! I hate the thought of someone feeling that their time is meaningless. I think if you retire with loads of money and there is the opportunity to travel,  spend your last years living in luxury and don’t have any worries about finances, retirement can be a ball of a time! But for those who have to live on a strict budget or are fisically limited, I imagine life can get pretty boring and frustrating!
Through interviews, the researchers found that many retirees complained of not feeling the same value in society as when they were working full time. Many of them confirmed that they wished their life had more personal meaning with purposeful activities. People want to feel that they matter in the world, that other people need them.  The research also shows that people live a more active and healthier life when they pursue goals and feel like their life has meaning. When people feel like they have a reason to get out of bed in the morning, they found that their life has direction, energy, and a profound sense of who they are.
Another amazing reason for purpose was found through a study of the physical and mental health of retired individuals. They found that people who continued to work in some capacity in retirement had fewer major diseases and functional limitations, and a better mental health state than retirees that did not maintain some level of employment in their retired years, this also contributes to happiness.
We aim to help restore these “Golden Years” and make it years that is worthwhile and fun! After reading this article, I feel so much more inspired to do what we do! We are giving our grannies a place to build community and hopefully adding to the reason they get out of bed in the morning. We fill the days of our grannies with purposeful activities through the garments that they make and through the many projects that we have planned.  One of these project is something that fits right in with this research. We are planning this project for July this year and we are really excited! The aim of this project is to add a greater sense of purpose and meaning to our grannies lives.
As we saw in the research, people want to feel needed and valued, and that is what all our future projects will entail. Look out for our next blog where we will have all the details of our fun day with an orphanage.
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