Behind the scenes


So this is us, me (Ananja) left and my mom (and business partner - Karien) on the right. This is the first time ever for me to write a blog which is very unlikely as I am not great with words... but here goes my best shot! I am starting this blog because I feel that it is important to have a platform where I can share more detail with you about the heart and the story behind the whole business because that is what it is all about. It is more about what happens behind the scene than the actual products. We want to share with you how we do things and also who our grannies are, we want you to get to know them and love them as much as we do! 

But first, let me tell you a little bit more about myself and this gorgeous lady next to me. After I finished school we had two things that we loved doing, one of them was enjoying a good cup of tea with a great conversation that goes with it, and the other was to always have some sort of project on the go. Both of us love being creative, doing something with our hands and making something pretty. Our projects usually stretched from painting furniture to making our own clothes and many more in between. We love spending time together and starting a business together has always been on our minds. In some ways, we are very alike and in others very different, which makes us amazing business partners! We have the same interest but can also fill the gap where the other lacks.

My mom (although she doesn't look like my mom - hopefully I also age as well as she has) is great with people and has a way to delve deep into just about anyone's heart. She is a woman with a broad spectrum of talents, from being creative all the way to working with numbers. Back in the day before me and my sister took over, she also had a very successful business of her own, so she knows how to organize and delegate. She is a great entrepreneur with a few other businesses on the side at the moment. Because of the selfless person that she is, she helped me first with making my dream a reality before she started working on her own dream (and hopefully we can soon start making her dream a reality too - watch this space!) But if it wasn't for this woman, we wouldn't have been where we are today! Without her motivation and faith in me, it would probably still just be an idea. My mom, together with my dad and younger sister are all living in Pretoria where most of our grannies are also. 

My younger sister, Talita also plays an important role in our business, she is extremely creative and helps us with content and is, in general, an extra eye to check quality. At the moment Karien mostly works with our grannies and everything that comes with it (dropping off materials, picking up finished items and spending lots of time with the grannies). 
I am, on the other hand, based in Hamburg, Germany. My husband is based here for work at the moment. Currently I am not as involved with the grannies as much as I would like to be but still get to see them now and again. While I am out of the country I do all our online and social media stuff.   I am a bit more of a dreamer and organizing is not one of my strongest points. So starting this business is stretching me in all the different directions, which is a good thing as I love growing and developing.  I studied graphic design a few years ago and ever since then I did some freelance design work and got an amazing design job in Cape Town after me and my husband got married. It was a full-time job for 2 years which I loved, but had to make the difficult decision to leave to fulfill this dream! Working full time + trying to get a new business off the ground was not easy and it was not possible to give my full attention to Nanas. 

I would never have guessed that we would move so far away from our parents but God knows best and I have learned that it all works out so much better at the end if you stick to His plan! Nevertheless, being so far apart from my family was really hard but it brought me and my hubby closer together. We haven't started our own little family yet, although all these adorable tiny pieces can make one veeery broody. 

The idea of starting something to help retired people come a long way and I never really thought that it would become a reality. I have seen how  the injustice of the policy of not hiring because of a certain age leads to a certain helplessness. Alongside financial pressure, there can also be a lack of purpose or motivation,  and that is where our passion flamed up. Through this journey, I have discovered that I really love seeing people develop and reaching their goals/dreams. And that is what our aim is, we want to build a community for the grannies where they can thrive, build new friendships and feel that they belong and that they have a purpose.  I hope that you feel the same as we do about this overlooked need in our communities and that we can make a difference together for our golden oldies.

That was just a little bit about us and our passion, watch this space for a lot more behind the scene stories and photos. Please feel free to leave comments below.
Thanks for reading!
Love Ananja


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