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The Knitting Tea Party

  ---------------------- In our previous blog post, we saw that research shows us that people want to feel that they matter in the world and that other people need them. After retiring from a full-time job or just a busy lifestyle with loads of responsibilities, it is easy for retirees to feel less needed and less meaning or purpose in their lives. As we said in the previous blog, we want to help to restore ‘The Golden Years’ of our grannies and rather than forgetting about the older generation, we want to learn from their deep well of wisdom and talents.  Our hearts lie with our grans and in helping them, but we also have a great love for the...

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The Golden Years

 ----------------------   Most of you already know what our “WHY” behind everything we do is, but I read this incredible article on retirement a while ago and thought that it fits in so nicely with what we stand for and what we believe in. These guys just put it all in better words and prove it with years of research. The article I refer to in this blog was written by Joseph P. Zandlo in 2015 (Living with Purpose in Retirement: An Interpretive Multi-Case Study - the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota), I am not great with referencing in the correct way, so I’ll just put a link to the article at the bottom.   As you know, we want...

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Behind the scenes

---------------------- So this is us, me (Ananja) left and my mom (and business partner - Karien) on the right. This is the first time ever for me to write a blog which is very unlikely as I am not great with words... but here goes my best shot! I am starting this blog because I feel that it is important to have a platform where I can share more detail with you about the heart and the story behind the whole business because that is what it is all about. It is more about what happens behind the scene than the actual products. We want to share with you how we do things and also who our grannies are, we want...

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